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DEEX has launched a new bounty campaign

DEEX decentralized cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of Bounty Campaign 2.0 – a new bounty program with a budget of $100 000. The exchange is going to pay its users for constructive social media posts.

Anyone who wants to participate in the development of the project can take part in this campaign. The campaign will cover most of the major social media resources, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Telegram and Bitcointalk.

DEEX tokens will be distributed between participants in the campaign after the calculation and verification of reports is complete. In order to receive bonus tokens, one has to have an account on DEEX exchange.

Bounty campaign is a great opportunity not only to tell other crypto enthusiasts about DEEX, and become a part of the decentralized future together with DEEX.

For more details see the official topic on Bitcointalk.