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GitHub service remains unavailable after a dropdown

GitHub, the world’s largest online hosting for IT-projects, suffers a serious dropdown. The platform has not been available to users since yesterday’s evening.

Notably, most blockchain- and crypto-related projects publish and moderate their open source codes on GitHub.

Many GitHub users report on the error message popping up when they try to log in. Others run across the service’s webpage opening failure. Numerous complaints about GitHub database malfunctioning have been sent by Twitter and Downdetector users. Most of these alarm messages originate from Japan, Europe, India and the U.S..

Since Sunday evening, Twitter users and the Downdetector portal have complained massively about the disruption of the GitHub database. The largest number of server inaccessibility messages comes from Japan, Europe, India and the USA.

GitHub team confirmed the information about the website dropdown. They decided to suspend all operations on the portal, so that users’ data integrity could be maintained. The service’s team is now working on fixing the problem.

They have noted in the company, that no user data was lost or damaged in the incident.

Back in June, GitHub was acquired by Microsoft. The deal was recently approved by the European Commission (EC). The Commission has concluded that this acquisition would not disrupt healthy competition in the IT-project hosting market, as Microsoft is not going to change the open nature of GitHub. Bitcoin developers, nevertheless, have been urging the GitHub users community to abandon the platform.