Home News Murderer of Norvegian bitcoiner is now internationally wanted

Murderer of Norvegian bitcoiner is now internationally wanted

The Oslo Police publicized the information about the suspect in the murder of the Norvegian bitcoiner.

Makaveli Lindé, a 20-year-old Swedish national is being charged for the murder of the Norwegian bitcoiner, Bjørklund Paltto. The young man is a drug addict and a thief known to the police and is just out of jail.

Early last week, Bjørklund Paltto was found dead in his Oslo apartment. According to the police, late at night, the criminal entered the apartment through a window for the purpose of robbing the house. He allegedly stumbled upon the owner and stabbed him with a knife more than 15 times before fleeing.

Shortly before his death, a 24-year-old Norwegian had cashed a large amount in bitcoins, which could have attracted the burglar. However, according to Oslo police chief Grete Lien Metlid, the murder may not be linked to the Bitcoin transaction and there is a good chance that the victim was chosen at random.

Interpol has issued an international arrest warrant, while noting that the suspect “may already have left Norway and Sweden”.

Back in June, Moscow Police officers busted a group of criminals who were mugging their victims for cryptocurrency mining equipment.