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Moscow court issued an arrest warrant for the co-founder of Shaltay-Boltay hacking group

Lefortovo Court in Moscow has issued an arrest warrant for the co-founder of Shaltay-Boltay (“Humpty Dumpty” in Russian translation) hacking group Alexander Glazastikov, who is being accused of unauthorized access to classified information and attempted illegal sale thereof.

According to the Court spokesperson Yekaterina Krasnova, the Сourt ordered Glazastikov’s detention for a period of two months for illegal access to computer information committed by a group of persons acting in conspiracy.

It is known that Glazastikov currently resides in Estonia. He will be extradited to Russia in the near future.

Shaltay-Boltay hacking group, also known as Anonymous International, gained notoriety several years ago after having compromised the accounts of a number of high-ranking officials, major companies and media outlets. The hackers then started selling the stolen data in the global Internet.

The assistant to Vladimir Putin Andrey Belousov, Sberbank top-manager Yevgeny Kislyakov, TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov, and Yelena Morozova from Summa Group are all known to fall victims of the hack.

The list of possible victims also includes the Russian Prime Minister’s press secretary Natalya Timakova and the deputy head of the Internal Politics Department of the Russian President Timur Prokopenko. The said officials stated that they had suffered no actual damage from the cyber attacks.

Last year, the leader of Shaltay-Boltay Vladimir Anikeyev was sentenced to two years in a standard regime penal colony. He was released in August 2018, however, in consideration of the time already spent in detention.

As revealed by the sources familiar with the matter, at least three of the alleged hackers are still at large and wanted for trial.

Hackers from Shaltay-Boltay group have been publishing their victims’ private correspondence on Joker.buzz information exchange since 2013. The platform announced its plans for launching an ICO early this year.