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Russian Government has given up on adopting the net neutrality law

The Russian Government has brushed aside the law on net neutrality introduced by the Federation Council. As noted by a representative of the Cabinet of Ministers, this issue had been considered upon instruction from the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The initiative to legislate the principle of net neutrality was earlier voiced by the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

Back in August, the Federation Council proposed to adopt the law on net neutrality. The law would presuppose the obligatory provision of equal connection speed to all users and prohibit internet providers from blocking websites voluntarily.

The government has now responded to the initiative. According to Aliya Simagulina, a representative of the Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, who is also responsible for the matters related to the digital economy, the draft law was considered unnecessary. Simagulina stressed that the current law provides the room for addressing individual cases of discrimination in the web.

It is worth noting, that back in 2016, the Federal Antimonopoly Service came up with its own version of the draft law on net neutrality. The document, in particular, allowed for emergency internet traffic control in cases of cyber attacks or personal data thefts.

The U.S. Government repealed the Act on net and technological neutrality in 2017, two years after its adoption, owing to the protest on the part of big internet providers.

Back in June 2018, human rights activists from 52 organizations approached the United Nations (UN) with a report on the threats to the Internet freedoms posed by Russia, referring to tightening information dissemination restrictions, mounting pressure on users and Internet campaigns aimed at the restriction of freedoms carried out by Russian authorities under the pretext of combating terrorism. Last month, the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (RATS SCO) agreed on joint monitoring of terrorist threats on the Internet.