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San Francisco will host FinTech on the Block conference

November 27-28, 2018 will see San Francisco hosting FinTech on The Block conference.

The event will connect top executives, founders and visionaries from three sides of the New Finance triangle – traditional financial titans, fintech startups and blockchain newcomers. These three worlds will enter into deep conversations under one roof for two intense days.

With expected audience exceeding 1000 visitors, FinTech on the Block will be attended by representatives of more than 100 startups, 400 executives and 70 crypto funds.

The visitors will have a rare opportunity to listen to and communicate with real big names in blockchain and crypto, including the President of the Free Republic of Liberland Vit Jedlička, the partner at Arrington XRP Capital Michael Arrington and many others.

Apart from that, the schedule of the event comprises practical cases and workshops, “pop-up” discussions and “surprise” artistic interventions.

See the official website for booking tickets and learning more about the event.