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Russian authorities plan to create alternative messengers and social media

Russian government will have no options but to create alternative messengers and social media, if Twitter, YouTube or Facebook are to proceed with their “discriminatory policy” towards Russian and Chinese media, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin said at a Russian-Chinese media forum in Shanghai on Sunday, November 4.

The official opined that Russian and Chinese news agencies are facing “unfair competition”:

“Having now become influential players on the world media market, Russian and Chinese media inevitably started facing unfair competition, which, among other things, is reflected in the veracity of their policies being questioned or outright restrictions on dissemination of information being imposed.”

Speaking of the specific steps that can be taken with regards to combating “unfair competition”, Volin suggested to create analogous media sources, so that Russia and China could devise “reciprocal steps”:

“If Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook will further pursue their policy of throwing Russian and Chinese media out of their environment, we will be left with no other options but to create new dissemination channels, like alternative social media and messengers.”

Alexei Volin has earlier acknowledged the futility of attempts to block Telegram messenger in Russia. While speaking in Shanghai, the official noted that “Telegram and WhatsApp keep on working in China despite the official ban”.

“When someone, whom you are trying to block, has enough intellectual, material and IT-resources at his disposal, then such a big player would be able to avoid blocking. This is a reality that has to be accepted,” – Volin said on the matter back in August.

Perhaps, Volin was inspired by Piayo platform, that was launched in China two months ago. Being directly controlled by 27 state institutions, the media platform broadcasts “truthful” news to Chinese audience.