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Blockstream launched a new BTC block explorer

Blockstream blockchain technology company has launched a powerful new BTC block explorer. Dubbed “blockcstream.info”, the new tool is compatible with both Bitcoin blockchain and Liquid Network – the company’s sidechain solution aimed at to facilitating the transfer of big amounts of BTC between exchanges and big traders.

Blockstream has posted the following official announcement on Twitter:

The event follows an announcement from August 2018 which promised to offer a reliable service which includes full Liquid Network compatibility and dedicated features. At first, yhe idea was that this tool could be used by members of the Liquid Network to help them with their “integration and testing tasks”.

However, Blockstream later decided that the interface it had developed for this tool could also benefit the much broader community of Bitcoin mainnet and testnet users. Therefore, Bitcoin support has been added so that the combined block explorer presented on November 6 could “allow users to search and view specific data that is added in real-time to the Bitcoin blockchain and the Liquid sidechain”.

According to Blockstream, the key features of this new block explorer are the following:

• “Bitcoin Mainnet, Testnet, and Liquid support”
• “No analytics scripts, no tracking”
• “Support for Bech32 addresses”
• “Support for Confidential addresses (Liquid)”
• “Monitor peg-in and peg-outs between Bitcoin and Liquid”
• “Better privacy through Tor support (version 2; version 3)”

Crypto-dealer and analyst Willy Woo had this to say about this new tool:

Francis Pouliot, the founder and CEO of Satoshi Portal, seems to be an even more keen supporter of blockstream.info: