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Malta Blockchain Summit staged Blockchain Hackaton and two-day ICO pitching session in partnership with CryptoFriends

The global blockchain community met again in Malta for the Malta Blockchain Summit on November 1-2. The summit brought together 7 000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150 partners from all around the world. Speakers and guests at the event were leaders in the fields of finance, technology and innovation and included individuals like John Mcafee, Brandon Synth, Charles Hoskinson, Scott Stornetta, John Matonis to name a few.

The summit has been organized with the support of the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat who opened the Malta Blockchain Summit with a speech:

“In Malta we are building the necessary quarter’s and channels in order to make good use of the force of nature that this technology is going to provide, and that is why I believe that Malta has become one of the centres of these new technologies.”

In partnership with CryptoFriends, the Malta Blockchain Summit hosted Blockchain Hackathon and two-day ICO pitching session.

At the Malta Blockchain Hackathon up to 200 participants took their chance to impress some of the best in the business and to win a 50k prize. A number of teams of developers gathered at the Summit to produce a dApp, or other smart contract implementation on the chosen platform using both decentralized and distributed solutions. The winners were selected by Hackathon judges, including Scott Stornetta, Charles Hokinson, Ilya Smagin, and Lucas Park. Here are the results:

● 1st place – Team: Blockchain Charity Lottery
● 2nd place – Team: TPass
● 3rd place – Team: Tensegrity

CEO of Malta Blockchain Summit, Eman Pulis presented the winning teams with the illustrious €50,000 prize at the main stage of the Summit. First place won €25,000, second prize won €15,000 and third prize won €10,000.

The ICO-pitching session was held on November 1st and 2nd and featured 30 ICO projects. The first day of the ICO-pitching session ended with gorgeous results. Some really solid projects were presented. Rise Token startup took the 1st place. AE Token company took the 2nd place. Day 2 of the ICO pitching saw the projects Tatau and GoMama achieving the 1st and 2nd places.

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