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Kaspersky Lab: one can buy a digital personality in darknet for $1

According to a new research published by the Kaspersky Lab, the average cost of a stolen digital profile in the darknet is $1. The most common way to steal users’ digital profiles is via phishing attacks or by exploiting vulnerable apps and other software.

Darknet market study conducted by the experts from Kaspersky Lab revealed that cybercriminals may sell their victims’ “digital lives” for less than $50. This includes user data from social media accounts, banking details, remote access to servers or desktops, information from Uber, Netflix, Spotify and other popular services and websites. One cracked account costs $1 on average, with volume discounts applicable.

“Digital personality” is much valued by the cybercriminals of today, because it gives them a chance to make loans or commit crimes on behalf of other person.

“The most common way to steal this data is via phishing campaigns or by exploiting a web-related vulnerability such as an SQL injection vulnerability. The password dumps contain an email and password combination for the hacked services, but as we know most people reuse their passwords. So, even if a simple website has been hacked, the attackers might get access to accounts on other platforms by using the same email and password combination,” – the paper reads.

Some vendors in darknet even provide their clients with lifetime warranties, that is, if one account stops working, a new one will be granted for free.

It is worth noting, thataccording to a recent survey conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) and the Digital Economy Project Office, most Russians oppose the use of their personal data by third parties, but more than a half of Russian residents believe that this could not pose any threat to them. Last month, a vulnerability in Facebook code allowed hackers to sneak the personal information of nearly 50 million users to darknet with intent to sell it illegally.