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John McAfee: “In 2019 crypto is going to be exploding again”

John McAfee is a British-American IT-businessman and political activist, known as a founder of the software company McAfee Associates. McAfee Associates was very successful as the first commercial antivirus software developer and made a wide range of security programs for enterprises and businesses. John McAfee’s quotes and interviews are now some of the most important and controversial in cryptocurrency industry. He is also known for his plans to run for the U.S. presidency in 2020.

BitNovosti team, alongside with CryptoFriends, was curious to learn some details on his general and specific attitudes towards books, films, and of course the world of crypto.

BN: Bitcoin or ripple?

McAfee: There will be thousands and are thousands of coins. You can pick the one you like. There is no winner or loser. Speaking about coins, just search for your needs. Everyone has some specific issues. If you are in medical applications – buy DocAdemic, if you are looking for privacy – choose Monero or Bitcoin Private. Just choose which one you want to use today and for what.

BN: Which books do you read?

McAfee: I don’t really read books. Nobody reads books anymore. This is the age of the Internet. No one watches a video which is more than 2 minutes long. No one will read an article that’s more than 600 words. I stopped reading books for a long time not because I am really against books but because value to me comes from my instant access to knowledge. And that’s Google.

BN: Do you watch films?

McAfee: Yes, because it’s my escape. I work hard, I play hard. Movies are my escape from whatever. I get into the mind of the director, the actors and the screenwriters.

BN: What are your favorites?

McAfee: I have got many of them. Depends on which genre you prefer. I am very fond of Japanese and Korean movies. “Oldboy” is a little bit extreme. The movies like “2046” – stunning, good movie. Ang Lee, the director is a good friend of mine. He directed the “Crouching tiger, hidden dragon”, the “Life of Pi”. He is a brilliant man. His main problem in life is as a Chinese man movie making is not acceptable. It is not a good profession. So his father has disowned him. And now he is an Academy award-winning director. He came to Belize to spend a couple of weeks with me back in 2012. So, I love all of his films.

BN: Would you like to play a role in a movie?

McAfee: No, absolutely not.

BN: Even if it is based on your own story?

McAfee: Why would I? I live my life, sometimes it is like a movie – that’s ridiculous.

BN: What is your poisoning story?

McAfee: I don’t talk about it. My wife and I have been in a past 6 years through really horrible experience. It stands for my time in Belize. The problems that I had with the Belizean government.

BN: Do you believe in Russian crypto community?

McAfee: You certainly exist, so, of course, I believe in you. Сrypto communities, they all have their own purposes. Of course, I believe in anything that furthers the flowering of crypto.

BN: What do you think about the decentralization?

McAfee: Decentralization is what gives individuals their power. When power is decentralized suddenly we are all the same.

BN: Are you expecting the growth of crypto this winter?

McAfee: It certainly will grow. Well, before 2020 it does. In 2019 crypto is going to be exploding again. I don’t really have any forecasts. I just know, by the 2020 crypto will be in its full power.

BN: Will the new financial crisis take place again?

McAfee: It is always financial crisis. That’s a nature of the world. You have a crisis and then you have a bloom. It is a cycle. But I think the financial crisis outside of crypto is gonna be very severe, because crypto is becoming more and more immediate of exchange and to offer transactions. And so, as crypto grows the out currency will shrink. And eventually the dollar will worth nothing. And the euro will worth nothing. And in the end it all will worth nothing.

BN: Have you got any fears because of the blockchain?

McAfee: No, absolutely, I have the reverse. I think the blockchain is alleviating my fears. I think the blockchain is a potential salvation for humanity. It will remove deception, lies, all of the things that keep us in the dark, keep us confused: the propaganda, credits by government, co-operations in banks. And at some point the blockchain will be so embedded in our lives that if you’re married and having an affair you’d better tell your wife or your husband, because they will find it out. That will be on the blockchain. Yes, privacy may disappear, but do you care if you have freedom? What is privacy? Privacy is our ability to keep secrets. What is a secret? A secret is a deception. Deception will disappear.

BN: How to enter the blockchain community right now?

McAfee: Number one is educate yourself. Anyway that you can – go on Google, Google is the source of our knowledge. So, go on Google, google cryptocurrency, the blockchain – read a bunch of articles. Number 2 – get a wallet, put 10 dollars in it – a small amount of money – and play with it until you lose it. Do another 10 dollars and play with it again – and maybe you don’t lose it. Then join the community. Now you have learned the underlying technologies, how is it to make mistakes and lose the money, and then you will know how to play and have safety.