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India and Russia are likely to increase cooperation in the field of AI and blockchain

India and Russia agreed to increase co-operation in fields such as blockchain network, artificial intelligence, during the first India-Russia Strategic Economic Dialogue which was held in St Petersburg last week.

A statement was issued after the dialogue which said, “Both sides agreed to explore joint working arrangements and pilot projects in healthcare, proposed setting up of a single-window clearance.”

The countries reportedly decided to increase co-operation in other fields such as tourism, digital front, financial technology and quantum computing as well. From the Indian side the partnership will be coordinated by the head of the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) Rajiv Kumar, whereas Russia is to be represented by the country’s Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin.

Notably, the official statement on the matter did not specifically mention blockchain or artificial intelligence. However, given the Indian PM’s positive sentiments on blockchain, it can be a possibility.

“New emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, blockchain, big data will help India move forward, provide employment to people and improve every Indian’s life. Industry is a process and technology is a tool. However, the ultimate goal is to change the life of the last person waiting in the queue,” – Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India and the the chairman of NITI Aayog, said last month.

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