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Russian Court of Intellectual Rights will implement blockchain in its proceedings

Russia’s Court of Intellectual Rights will be the first among the courts in Russia to apply blockchain technology to its proceedings. The court will start publishing blockchain transactions depicting the changes in copyright ownership in partnership with IPChain association.

The main goal of the IPChain association is to establish the national network of intellectual rights transactions, as the press release on the matter reads:

“The Court of Intellectual Rights has pilot tested the new technological means of interacting with market participants envisaged by the “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” programme”.

According to IPChain representatives, such systems are widely used abroad. The press release quotes the head of the association Andrey Krichevsky as saying:

“We are witnessing an unprecedented case when the standards of Russian law are being implemented through a technological system. Instant, transparent and efficient interaction between market participants and the State devoid of any financial and time costs is a definite breakthrough.”

Thanks to the implementation of a blockchain-based system, details on intellectual property dispute settlement will become available online. This will provide market participants with a convenient access to up-to-date information on related matters. The system will store the data on copyrighted music, films, software, architectural designs, pharmaceutical products, industrial designs, clothes, trademarks and literary works.

Ludmila Novosyolova, the President of the Court of Intellectual Rights, expressed confidence that the technological development of judicial proceedings will continue:

“The Court of Intellectual Rights is now operating on blockchain. Five years ago it all seemed to be science fiction, but it is all real now.”