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Roger Ver believes that the future of crypto is brighter than ever

While speaking in the interview with Bloomberg, former Bitcoin evangelist and the initiator of Bitcoin Cash hard fork Roger Ver stated that a great future is awaiting cryptocurrencies in the long run. Ver opined that business should be convinced of the need to build cryptocurrency payment-based economy, so that digital assets could finally be a success.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Daybreak the creator of Bitcoin Cash shared his optimistic view of the crypto future:

“I’m a fundamentals investor, so I’m investing [due to] fundamental [factors]. [In the] long-term, the future is brighter than ever [for cryptocurrencies]. There’s more awareness, there’s more adoption, and there’s more stuff happening all over the world. So, of course, I’m incredibly bullish on the entire crypto-coin ecosystem.”

While speaking of regulatory developments, Ver noted:

“To think that a politician in some government office somewhere knows more about how cryptocurrencies work and how to keep them safe from hackers, I think is just naive. So of course it’s the industry participants that know the most and have the most skin in the game.”

The founder of BCH also noted that business influencers “need to build an economy based on actually using cryptocurrencies as currencies rather than just a bunch of speculators speculating” in order to overcome the stigma surrounding cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, this is what Bitcoin Cash was created for.

After Bitcoin Cash network was hardforked in mid-November, most leading cryptocurrency exchanges recognized Roger Ver’s Bitcoin ABC fork as the predominant one. This was preceded by the main opponent of the BCH fork Craig Wright declaring hashwar on Roger Ver.