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Jameson Lopp: 2018 was a great year for bitcoin, as certain key metrics show

Many crypto enthusiast believe that 2018 was not the greatest year for cryptocurrency market, given the protracted slide in digital asset prices. Bitcoin developer Jameson Lopp, nevertheless, holds the opinion that the world’s first cryptocurrency was able to achieve certain noteworthy results that put 2018 forward as one of the best years for crypto.

James Lopp, a crypto enthusiast, cypherpunk, Bitcoin developer and creator of satoshi.info and bitcoinsig.com, came up with his comments on the few Bitcoin metrics which refute the perception of 2018 as the worst year in crypto.

Lopp’s observations show that, despite the ever growing number of obituaries for bitcoin, the digital gold keeps on refusing to die against all rumors and odds.

According to Lopp, there are certain metrics that clearly demonstrate ongoing development and evolution of bitcoin regardless of the BTC price downfall.

Hotbeds of interest to bitcoin are shifting from developed to developing countries giving way to new users who are trying to get to grips with the digital economy. Google trends statistics for “Bitcoin” searches show the shift of interest “epicenters” from Australia and Singapore in 2017 to Ghana and Nigeria in 2018.

Lopp also points out the considerable increase in the number of subscribers to /r/Bitcoin on Reddit. The audience of the subreddit grew by 61% with 380 000 new users having subscribed to it in 2018.

The percentage of SegWit transactions in Bitcoin network also rose from 10% to 40% in 2018.

Despite the continuing BTC price decline, all its fundamentals have been growing stronger in the course of this year. Now, this assertion is backed by the opinion of a renowned expert in crypto.