Home News Kidnappers demand €9 million in Monero for Norwegian billionaire’s wife

Kidnappers demand €9 million in Monero for Norwegian billionaire’s wife

The alleged kidnappers of Anne-Elizabeth Falkevik Hagen, the wife of Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen, demanded a €9 million-large ransom in Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency.

Anne-Elizabeth Falkevik Hagen, 68, the wife of real estate investor, Tom Hagen, has been missing since October 31, 2018. Norwegian security services advised the businessman against disclosing the information about the kidnapping, and thus, the news surfaced only few days ago.

The woman was kidnapped from her house in Lørenskog. The criminals have left the ransom note demanding €9 million worth in XMR for her release.

The kidnappers threatened to kill their victim, should this information leak to the media or Norwegian law enforcers. Given these circumstances, Interpol, Europol and Norwegian police were keeping the details on the case undisclosed to the public.

As noted by the police, this is the first case ever in Norway, when the criminals demand ransom in crypto. Notably, the kidnappers could not prove that Anne-Elizabeth Falkevik Hagen is still alive for more than a month already.

The country’s authorities are currently making negotiations with the kidnappers. The police decided to go public with the information on the case as few new leads had been found following a discrete investigation which could be confirmed or disproved by possible bystanders.

This is not the first high-profile criminal case in Norway which is somehow linked to cryptocurrencies. In October 2018, Oslo Police publicized the information about the suspect in the murder of the Norwegian bitcoiner. The alleged murderer is now internationally wanted.