Home News Pablo Escobar’s brother launched a new coin to impeach Donald Trump

Pablo Escobar’s brother launched a new coin to impeach Donald Trump

Roberto Escobar, the brother of the deceased ill-famed drug lord Pablo Escobar, launched yet an ICO-based “stablecoin” ESCOBAR to impeach Donald Trump. Meanwhile, his previous project, Diet Bitcoin (DDX) still remains offline and as dead as a doornail.

“ESCOBAR token is the future of stablecoins, having a big name behind itself and the strong leadership of Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, older brother of infamous Pablo Escobar,” – the description posted on the project’s website reads.

According to the founders of the project, the ESCOBAR price is tied to USD at a 1:1 ratio. The stablecoin is supposed to be raising money for “the Impeach Trump Fund”.

“Thanks to cryptocurrencies, there are no boundaries to be censored!” – the proclamation on the website reads.

The fundraising campaign was earlier rejected by GoFundMe platform.

“There will be one day when you can use cryptocurrency for all types of payments, such as houses, cars and even chewing gum. That day is yesterday. Now it is time to have a secure alternative to the USD. The ESCOBAR cryptocurrency token is designed as this,” – the project description claims.

Last spring saw Roberto Escobar launching his own cryptocurrency Diet Bitcoin (DDX). Back then, the entrepreneur came up with a vicious statement claiming that most cryptocurrencies were scams. He also swore that DDX would stay afloat, no matter the odds. The website of the project went offline as soon as the pre-sale was over, however. The information about the project, nevertheless, remains available at the website run by Escobar Inc. – a company managing Escobar family estate.