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UV light helped in solving the Parisian bitcoin puzzle

French artist who threw a crypto treasure chase in Paris, publicized a part of the solution to his bitcoin puzzle.

Last week, Pascal Boyart initiated a treasure chase in Paris by hiding a crypto puzzle in his street mural dedicated to yellow vests movement. It took crypto enthusiasts no more than a week to solve his bitcoin puzzle and get 0.26 BTC as a reward, as reported by the artist himself in a tweet.

On January 13, Pascal Boyart shared the key to the puzzle with his subscribers, thus spurring interest in his artwork to even a greater extent:

Let us recall that the artist had earlier hinted that one should stand right in front of the mural in order to solve the puzzle hidden in it, and here is why: the video demonstrates encrypted data visible only under ultraviolet lighting, in the best tradition of city quests.

A Twitter user nicknamed Antoine Giver of Ethereum who claimed he had managed to solve the puzzle, promised to reveal the details of the solution “in the following days” as well.