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Jimmy Song: Bitcoin is the currency of non-violent resistance

Jimmy Song, one of the most prominent Bitcoin developers and evangelists, believes that Bitcoin may be used as a tool for peaceful revolution.

In an interview with Max Keiser, Jimmy Song, who is one of the key developers of Bitcoin blockchain and the author of “Programming Bitcoin”, stated that there would be a lot of “cool” things happening to Bitcoin during 2019, including the further development of instant transactions within the Lightning Network.

While answering to the question about whether bitcoin is a tool for resistance like the Yellow Vests movement in France, Jimmy Song noted that revolutions were mostly bringing governments down, whereas it all should be about taking power back from them. In his opinion, the violence would not be necessary, should everybody realize it. Should this be the case, the could be turned into a better place to live by means of “peaceful revolutions” and without putting lives and careers at risk:

“When you’re talking about governance, and you’re talking about the user winning out over the monoliths, the corporations, the plutocrats….It seems as though bitcoin is the currency of resistance. Bitcoin should be the currency for all these global movements to unify.”

Jimmy has also noted that investors should not be focusing on short-term volatility, as the developers are in it for the long term. He said that he himself tries not to pay too much attention to the BTC price ups and downs, though “the bear market is better in terms of productivity”:

“I think [BTC] is a Cypherpunk ideal. It is not necessarily about what the price is at the moment. The people that are working on it believe it in long-term. We’re in it for the long haul,” – Song said.