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Ross Ulbricht was transferred to another prison

Ross Ulbricht was transferred to USP Tuscon – another high security prison where fewer murderers and gang members but more sex offenders are kept.

Since his arrest, Ross Ulbricht has been through a sequence of prisons, but Judge Katherine Bolan Forrest recommended to sent him to USP Tuscon.

A medium security prison FCI Petersburg was the first recommendation. The facility could be a safer environment for Ulbricht’s life sentence. However, the final decision was in favor of a high security prison. The convict was kept in Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York during the judicial proceedings. After being convicted in July 2017, he was transferred to USP Florence High for high-risk prisoners in Colorado.

Ulbricht’s defence and family are not going to put up with his life sentence. In October 2018, the Ross Ulbricht’s defenders community launched the first episode of the documentary series “Railroaded: The Targeting and Caging of Ross Ulbricht”. The filmmakers promised to go into detail of Ross Ulbricht’s arrest and explain the significance of this story to the entire world. This was preceded by a petition aimed at freeing Ross Ulbricht reportedly garnering 100 000 signatures. Addressed to U.S. president Donald Trump and hosted on Change.org, the request explains that Ulbrecht deserves clemency because his investigation, trial, and sentencing were rife with abuse.

Ulbricht has also enjoyed support from high places. A candidate for U.S. Senate, Eric Brakey, recently promised to speak with President Trump about clemency for Ross Ulbricht. John McAfee, who is going to run for the U.S. presidency in 2020, also promised to pardon the founder of Silk Road if elected.