Home Calender of Events Official Hong Kong Blockchain Week will take place on March 4-8, 2019

Official Hong Kong Blockchain Week will take place on March 4-8, 2019

The Official Hong Kong Blockchain Week will launch March 4-8, 2019, hosted by NexChange. Blockchain business and technology leaders, policymakers and influencers from around the world will converge in Hong Kong.

Over 3,000 blockchain leaders will hear from over 120 speakers from 50+ countries . More than 150 investors and in excess of 100 journalists will converge at HKBCW.

NexChange’s Block O2O Global Blockchain Summit 2019 (March 5-6) will be the cornerstone of HKBCW, gathering blockchain professionals, industry thought leaders and top business speakers from across Asia, Europe and the US. Two days, two stages and dozens of speeches, panels, workshops and firesides will feature the hottest blockchain trends, valuable insights, ideas and predictions.

World class speakers will include:

  • Cambridge Analytica whistleblower and Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA) co-founder Brittany Kaiser;
  • Former CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton;
  • Head of FinTech at InvestHK Charles D’Haussy;
  • Hong Kong Futures Commission’s, Director of Licensing and Head of Fintech unit Intermediaries Securities Clara Chiu;
  • Reeve Collins, Founder and CEO of Tether;
  • Apolo Anton Ohno – Co-Founder Hybrid Block and 8-time Olympic medalist;

and many more will hit the stage during the summit.

The Hybrid Summit, held on March 7th, will be hosted by Strategic Programme Partner Hybrid Block in collaboration with Chaineer Blockchain Advisory Group.

The Hong Kong government has made a major push to support research and development of new technologies, including funding for blockchain. Major government departments and research centers are lining up to stand behind Blockchain Week – including Cyberport, HKSTP, ASTRI, Hong Kong Productivity Council.

Major themes include:

  • Government and Blockchain
  • Financial Services and Blockchain;
  • Global Industry and Blockchain;
  • Blockchain Technological Innovations; and
    Governance and Blockchain

Will be explored through experiential education, practical workshops, networking opportunities, exhibitions and site tours.

NexChange Group CEO and Founder, Juwan Lee: “It is time for the first official Hong Kong Blockchain Week with the full support of the vibrant global blockchain community.”

The website is: www.hkblockchainweek.net