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Blockchain Association of Ukraine has launched free blockchain school for developers

Blockchain Association of Ukraine (BAU), the organization that unites Ukrainian crypto market players and experts, has launched a 4-month free practical course on blockchain technologies for developers Blockchain Hub Academy.

This is the start of the BAU’s planned cycle of educational projects for Ukrainian community.

Main purpose

With the rapid growth of the blockchain industry, there is currently the lack of profile specialists in this field, which restrains the wider adoption of blockchain technology through Ukraine’s economy and public sector. The goal is, on the one hand, to popularize the technology, and, on the other hand, to provide high-quality relevant education to ensure the inflow of talented individuals to the industry.

The objective of Blockchain Hub Academy is to teach students to develop and implement technologies that will be the key instrument of changes in the future.

“The goal of the initiative is to prepare technical specialists for crypto industry. We know that open source development with open source code is kind of “ikigai”, a matter of life and a big dream for many professionals. This is one of the few niches, which are rapidly growing, so the industry provides ample opportunities for knowledge monetization. At the same time, working in this field gives developers the feeling of satisfaction that comes from creating value and the products, that are open to the world and that form the foundation of the new paradigm of economic relations. In Ukraine, there are people willing to learn and there are those who have unique knowledge, so we see a win-win situation for all interested parties,” – Vitaly Bulychov, Vice-President of BAU, Co-founder of Pandora Boxchain said on the matter.

Who designed the program

Top companies were engaged into designing the course. Members of the Association Kuna Exchange and Pandora Boxchain, experts from Distributed Lab, Remme, Atticlab, BlockSoft Lab and others worked together on the program. Thus, study materials contain tasks and examples of real cases, thereby meeting requirements to technology implementation defined by the leading market players.

Course curriculum

The course program is divided into two blocks. The first block “Satoshi way”, that has started on January 21, is devoted to the “classic” Bitcoin blockchain and the basics of distributed registry technologies. The second one, “Post-Satoshi era”, focuses on a whole range of technologies and trends that emerged after Bitcoin had been created.

Students will learn how to create blockchains, wallets and smart contracts, how to work with different methodologies and protocols, gain knowledge in the field of cryptography, game theory, and other related fields.

Peer-to-peer methodology

The course assumes a fully practical training format, peer learning, the absence of teachers, maximum loads and tasks of a high level of complexity. In the end of the program, students will have the necessary expertise and skills to develop blockchain solutions on their own.

First launch

“It was decided to launch the first course on the basis of our partners, the university UNIT Factory and the school X.teams.
Since the course was designed for developers who must already have some knowledge of programming, selection was conducted among students who have reached a certain level of training. As a result, a group of 30 students was recruited. In future, we plan to launch the course for students with different background,” – Natalia Drik, CEO of the Association explained.

What’s next

Even before the Academy started working, a lot of positive feedback and requests were received from the community.

This demonstrates that the initiative meets the need of the market in relevant education. The Association already works hard to fully meet the demand. There is already an agreement to hold a second course jointly with UNIT Factory.

The current course also includes a series of free educational events that any one can attend. Events will be held from January 22 until March 12 and will serve the purpose of increasing public awareness and providing the access to knowledge about the technology for the broad audience.

“The world inevitably follows the way of digital development. Ukraine can fully realize its powerful IT potential and take a confident position in the new global economy. Together with our members, we want to grow and expand the Ukrainian blockchain community, providing it with access to knowledge and opportunities,” – Michael Chobanyan, President of Blockchain Association of Ukraine, said.

Blockchain Association of Ukraine (BAU) is a non-profit organization that actively promotes integration of blockchain technology into the Ukrainian economy and public sector.