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LocalBitcoins re-enabled withdrawals after coping with phishing attack

Peer-to-peer (p2p) transactions platform LocalBitcoins re-enabled outgoing transactions which were earlier suspended due to a phishing attack.

On January 26, the company’s representative posted on Reddit to warn users about the attack, stating that unidentified hackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in the LocalBitcoins forum and link it to a phishing forum. According to the official post, there were 6 known cases of users being affected by the associated malware.

Forum dwellers were even swifter to publish their own warning on the matter:

“When visiting the localbitcoins forum […] users are prompted to log into their account, as if they have been logged out. This only seems to happen if you are already logged in. This is is [SIC] a PHISHING SITE and 2FA codes are being used to empty customer accounts. Withdrawals have since been suspended by LocalBitcoins.”

One of the users even posted the address of the alleged hacker, while urging the administration to blacklist the intruder’s wallet:

“Please get the address 13WaahhsiGph4ysmQtjVhVTdgQUSL62KJr blacklisted on exchanges.”

The hacker had reportedly received a total of 7.95205862 BTC.

As reported last week, blockchain security expert and co-founder of hoshi.io Hartej Sawhney stated that, every day, hackers steal an average of about $2.5 million from cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, with most hacks remaining unreported to the public.