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Liberland may soon become a member of the European Union

President of Liberland Vít Jedlička shared that the self-proclaimed micro-State is in the process of negotiating its recognition by the EU member states. The European Union “requires further clarification” in terms of the legal basis for the establishment of a new EU member state in the disputed territory.

The president of the self-proclaimed country noted that Liberland still remains a disputed area between Croatia and Serbia. In the beginning of the short history of Liberland, this self-proclaimed State was known as “the country of bitcoins”. The decentralized micro-State is situated on the western bank of Danube river in the area of Gornja Siga between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia.

The resumption of negotiations between Serbia, Croatia and Liberland might mean that the micro-State would achieve the global recognition as a subject of international law.

“This is an extremely important development and represent real progress for us. We are a step closer to knowing that it may not be EU territory and that it can become an independent sovereign state,” – Vít Jedlička commented on the matter.

In October 2018, Vít Jedlička announced the plan of using new cryptocurrency Merit to reinforce his country’s policies aimed at transferring state power to a decentralized autonomous commune.