Wednesday, January 17, 2018


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Artificial intelligence and blockchain. Cutlets and flies

Konstantin Misiutin Looking through the notes on new projects trying to “saddle” the blockchain, we often come across statements about the integration of AI into...

Susanne Tarkowski-Tempelhof: in 50 years national governments will be symbolic

Susanne Tarkowski-Tempelhof, a founder of Bitnation and Pangea projects, one of the most talented and respected developers in blockchain community gave an exclusive interview...

Exclusive: Henry Wang “ICO may come back to China in a sandbox mode”

Bitnovosti spoke to Henry Wang, the founder of and President of International Blockchain Application Federation (IBAF), thought leader, and an expert on Internet...

BitcoinLady of Botswana: Many African countries are gonna find refuge in Bitcoin

Recently, the price of digital currency in Zimbabwe has soared beyond $12,000 on Harare-based trading platform Golix, almost doubling the rates on major international exchanges. Golix trade coordinator...

Shovon Hossain: Dark ages for cryptocurrencies in Bangladesh are over

Blockchain evangelist, crypto investor and founder of the first crypto platform in Bangladesh Shovon Hossain told Bitnovosti about the crypto community in his country...